December 9 weekly horoscope


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  4. Free Weekly Horoscope – December 9 to December 15 | Center for the New Age - Sedona, AZ

Venus and Mercury will be back into your home zone at the end of this week, meaning your attention will be turned to family matters. Consider what you need to do to make you happy Mars continues to move through your relationship zone, which may force you into a compromise with your partner.

Remember to take into consideration their perspective when it comes to a matter they feel strongly about. Venus, your personal planet, and Mercury will move back into Scorpio this week, making you feel the need to clear away clutter and make more space in your life. Give away or selling items you no longer need. You will feel freer and more energised without clutter filling up every corner.

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How keen are you to make things work with that person you have the hots for? Do you really like them or are you just interested in winning?

Being with the wrong person for the right reasons or the right person for the wrong reasons is the same thing. You know exactly what you need, Cancer. Slip into it like a second skin.

Weekly Horoscopes 12222

Power Moves: When was the last time you got lost inside of yourself, Glitter Kitten? Take this week to plunge into your unknown bits the way you would a new lover. This is about meeting parts of yourself for the first time, with no preconceptions.

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Get obsessed with your contours and caverns. Curiously explore things as mundane as your favorite color or food.

Weekly Horoscopes December 3-9

Do you want to open or shut? Summon your courage and crank that heart open. Chemical patterns are running through your body simply because a groove and channel has already been established.

What words can you choose that are kinder, wider, and wilder? Reshape your credos from the ground up. Power Moves: You are not an accident, Scorpio. This vitality might not always be obvious to you, but your sheer presence is more than enough. Courtesy of Patrick Keohane revolvingstyle. Magic Words: My eternal flame must be stoked from the inside out. Magic Words: The most vital whispers come through silence. Magic Words: Friction fuels my next expansion.

Magic Words: Dissolving the fences builds trust in my competence. Magic Words: I shift my gears to meet the road. Magic Words: Releasing expectations reveals unimaginable treasures. Magic Words: I am ready to give myself the love I long to receive. Today's topic: your daily horoscope for December 9, It's another high energy kind of day with the Moon feelings still in spirited Aries. Though the day may start off on a rather intense note as the competitive Aries Moon squares off with Pluto power in iron-willed Capricorn.

Free Weekly Horoscope – December 9 to December 15 | Center for the New Age - Sedona, AZ

The result of these two together could leave us feeling that the only way to get what we want to is to force it to happen which could have us coming on way stronger and being a bit more zealous than we need to. Later in the day, things smooth out a little when the Aries Moon hangs out while with the happy go lucky Sun confidence in Sagittarius, followed by a lively interaction with Jupiter opportunity in fair-minded Libra, which should bring more of a friendly vibe to the competition.

By the latter half of the day, the Aries Moon receives some support from Saturn hard work in Sagittarius and Uranus rebellion in Aries, which could have us feeling like we can get over any challenge that comes our way. When the Sun in Sagittarius makes a sweet connection to Jupiter in Libra, it could be the perfect time to take a risk on something big or launch something that we want to draw some big buzz and big bucks.

The high energy doesn't stop as the evening ends with a friendly meeting between the Aries Moon and Mars in unconventional Aquarius.

Mercury retrograde ends and a new moon in Sagittarius gives us bold confidence!

While this combo can be good for breaking through blockages and finding the courage to take on something wildly different, exercise caution as accidents can happen too. And remember to tune into Bustle's weekly horoscopes video live on Facebook every other Monday at 4 p. ET for a rundown of your weekly horoscope. You might feel like you have to fight for an opportunity that which could leave you feeling like you're missing out on something big. Though while fighting is something that you do well, know that you don't have to win by force.

You just need to remember how amazing you are. Something you believed to be true might not hold as much weight as it used to in your life which could be unsettling.